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Tear Smoke Shell (Normal)

General Specification

Shell body


Cartridge case

Al Cartridge containing .22 cap & propellant charge

Launching method

Fired from 38 mm Gas gun or Multi Shell Launcher (MSL)

Shelf life    

5 Years

Irritant chemical

CS or PAVA or OC


Technical Specification

Total length 155 ± 2 mm
Diameter 38.3 ± .2 mm
Charge weight 130 ± 5gms
Total weight 261 ± 5 gms
Delay time 5 ± 1 Sec
Emission time  20 ± 5 Sec
Range 135 ±10 mtrs



  • T S Shells are effective at long distances’.

  • Useful for crowd dispersal & flushing out operations’ when miscreants are hiding in dense under growth or Built up areas.


  • Can be fired accurately.

  • Flat nose to reduce risk of injury.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.


  • T S Shell should always be fired with an angle of about 450 to avoid direct hit.
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