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Stun Shell (Electrical)

General Specification

Shell body Plastic
Cartridge case Al. cartridge with electrical firing Mechanism and propellant charge
Launching method Fired from Multi Barrel Launcher (MBL)
Shelf life     3 years
Composition Stun


Technical Specification

Total length 226 ± 2 mm
Diameter 37.5 ±.2 mm
Charge weight 50 ± 2 gms
Total weight 188 ± 5 gms
Delay time 3 ± 1 sec
Range 100 ± 10 mtrs



  • Creates fear/confusion in the mob and provides sufficient reaction time to law enforcing agencies.

  • Checks throwing back of T S Shells.

  • Augment effectiveness of T S Shells.

  • Flushes out barricaded criminals.

  • Useful for flushing out operations’ when miscreants are hiding in dense under growth or Built up areas.

  • Large area can be neutralized simultaneously by firing these shells with MBL.


  • Can be fired accurately.

  • Stun shell blasts with loud bang and flash.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • Electrically operated and can be volley fired to cover large target area simultaneously using MBL.


  • Does not contain Tear Smoke gas, it only blasts, with loud bang and flash.

  • Firing of T S and Stun shells’ one after another will give the effect of 2 in 1 Shell.

  • Not to be fired into the crowd.

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