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Plastic TS Shell (SR) with soft nose (50 Mtrs)

General Specification

Shell body Plastic
Cartridge case Al, cartridge containing .22 cap and propellant charge
Launching method Fired from 38 mm Gas gun or Multi Shell Launcher (MSL)
Shelf life 3 Years
Irritant chemical CS or PAVA or OC


Technical Specification

Length of complete shell 241 ± 2 mm
Weight of complete shell 275 ± 5 gms
Irritant chemical CS or PAVA or OC
Smoke Emission Time 20 ± 5 Sec
Range 50 ± 5 mtrs



  • Plastic T S Shells are effective at short distances’.

  • Useful for dispersing mob in narrow streets and lanes.


  • Low velocity and soft nose minimize chance of serious injury on direct hit.

  • Can be fired accurately.

  • Ensure safe distance between police and miscreants.

  • Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • More Nos of shells can be carried by firer.


  • T S Shell should always be fired with an angle of about 450 to avoid direct hit.

  • Patent application No. 201821006276 for Shell and Composition.

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